Katarina Van Derham is a successful model, actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

As a model, Katarina has graced the cover of over 60 magazines worldwide and appeared in over 600 major media outlets including the Time Square jumbotron, CNN, FOX, and NBC. She appeared in 21 national and international print and TV commercials and has been voted one of the 100 sexiest women in the world by magazines on 3 different continents. Katarina made history by being the only St. Pauli Girl spokes model who got re-elected. This has not been repeated since.

As an actress, Katarina played opposite Bob Saget in the TV show Entourage. She also plays one of the lead roles in the upcoming movie Unbelievable!!!!! alongside Nichelle Nichols, Tim Russ and Gilbert Gottfried. Katarina also appeared in movies 15 minutes, Redline, shows CSI and Monk, and music videos for Bobby Brown, Ja Rule, Andy, Big and Rich, among others.

Being on both sides of the camera, Katarina has produced fashion campaigns and worked with several celebrities as a beauty specialist. Her well-respected status and beauty expertise in Hollywood get her invited to judge model contests and beauty pageants around the world.

Katarina is a Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of classic, glamour lifestyle magazine VIVA GLAM established in 2012. VIVA GLAM offers alternative approaches to traditional lifestyle, with a strong focus on vegan, organic and cruelty free brands. Her mission is to turn one’s lifestyle into compassion.

Being a vegan of 20 years and passionate about animals and nature inspired her to launch her own cruelty-free line of eyelashes KAT lash. “No woman is truly beautiful unless she has a heart. The trend of mink eyelashes breaks my heart so I decided to start a 100% human hair line of false eyelashes.”

Traveling the world, Katarina hopes to start a foundation to build small vet clinics in the rural parts of the world and islands, where hurt animals are left to die without any chance of getting help. She believes the clinics are also very important due to a need to spay and neuter.

Katarina supports great charities such as SCIL, Peace4Animals and PETA. She has also worked with RedLightChildren.org to help end child slavery and exploitation.

Katarina resides in Hollywood, California.